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Becoming a Great Leader

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Peace, prosperity and stability in international politics and business therefore require nothing short of excellent leadership. Maceline BIH concords that poor leadership wreaks havoc in society thus in order to redress this situation, she advocates that aspiring leaders must be trained and incumbent ones must relearn and improve on their skills. The book becoming a great leader is too relevant for our context in Cameroon where the training of leaders is grossly inadequate and largely lacking hence the vacum that makes some of us appear like caricatures. This book is highly recommended to all those who hold leadership roles and their followers who will eventually take over.

2011 - ISBN : 9956-425–22-2

Format : 14 x 21cm – 158 pages

Auteur: Marceline Bih
Catégorie: Hommes et Evènements
Date de publication: 2024-07-14 18:51:09
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