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SOPECAM English for Cameroon: CM2

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Emergence is a series of context appropriate materials produced for primary school pupils. Its content, structure, approach and method are informed by the competency based approach to teaching. Emergence is skilfully thought out, written and illustrated to provide the young learner with a fun-filled learning experience in the classroom. The content is relevant and the activities bring to life the day to day language needs of the pupils.

Emergence is structured in thematic sequences which are further broken down into modules and teachable units to ease planning and delivery for the teacher, and assimilation for the pupils. Each module builds on the previous and extends the scope progressively from class One to Six.

Colourful and attractive illustrations are eye catching and the varied  activities  are engaging.

Emergence is what every learner and teacher needs for a linguistic emergence. It simplifies teaching and stimulates learning.

2017 – ISBN CM2 : 978 - 9956 - 425 - 71 - 0


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